Nature Zen... a story of altruism and health engineering at every plan 

Thousands of hours of work, of reflexion and research with conscience, were necessary to create these delicious Nature Zen products. The Canadian team has been working and thinking over the first steps of this great food project for more than 18 years, now providing healthy food to people from all over the planet...

The first ideas took shape in therapy clinics where the Associate Founders realised a large majority of symptoms they treated (lack of energy, chronic fatigue, various digestive problems, bloating, gas, eructations, non-restorative sleep, chronic pains, chronic inflammations, etc... ) were all linked to a common core: alimentation and lifestyle.

From then on, they have commited to a quest: gathering simple advice allowing to come back to this innate health potential in each human being, via an accessible and logical method, and basic food tools.

Their lives and bodies became their own laboratory which helped them to gradually integrate into their professionnal practice these essential basis. Here they are in substance: the importance of protein in quantity, quality and enough variety, principles on food associations, the best time for consuming them, added to the importance of daily and moderate physical activity... 

Initially, even before the Nature Zen products were created, they had included the idea of prescriptions with vegetable protein supplements in their clinics. From that moment, Nature Zen story started its extraordinary and quick expansion in the heart of the clientele who experienced unexpected recoveries and restarts of flourishing health. The "word of mouth" went well beyond the team's expectations... However, in spite of the obvious and extensive health improvements, the founders were not fully satisfied with the protein products quality they were using, even if these ones were at that time, the very best on the worldwide market. 

With this wish in mind, to offer a protein supplement which would meet their quality and purity standards, they started to study the whole range of products available in Canada, the United States and Europe… but nothing would be up to their quality standards in terms of protein nutrition and purity. It was the moment when the idea of creating their line of unique protein products was born. The meeting of Doctors, Pharmacists, Biologists + an international team of reseachers in organic alimentation was set in place, creating therefore a synergy of knowledge, leading to the creation of Nature Zen highest standards of organic protein products, to the great joy of all.

At first, (not even thinking about marketing them, given the very high costs of raw material and real ingredients used in the created recipes), the Nature Zen products were handmade and only meant for the clinics clientele. But very soon, of course, the magic of destiny happened, and demand increasing, Nature Zen obtained a few years later financial support from Laurentides CLD in collaboration with the Government of Quebec, allowing the building of its first manufacturing plant. The wonderful thing is, still today, volunteers come to help to the conception of products and are involved in the project, which is now distributed in Canada, USA as well as in Switzerland, France and many other European countries, more recently Japan, and soon South Corea, Brasil and India.

This is exactly the same humanist intention as from the start which today inspires and motivates the whole team, now composed with dozens of health professionnals, also business men and women, creative people, or mothers at home, who spread and make shine our products all over the world.

Nature Zen... a story of values and of health conscience… at every plan...


1- At the service of Health at every plan.

2- Nature Zen's priority is to make available to people the best organic and raw vegetable aliments on the market.

3- Its Mission includes creating a range of exclusively vegetable aliments of the highest quality, free of preservatives or allergens, and hypotoxics, respecting the ideal ratios for the best digestion.

4- Nature Zen offers new choices of healthy aliments, good for everybody, which help to easily reach new levels of health and energy.

5- All "Nature Zen" products are created from barely transformed aliments and always in the respect of Nature. They are naturally rich in phytochemical elements (glyconutrients, antioxydants, prebiotics...) with a high content of vegetable proteins (90% concentrated), therefore providing to more than 98,2% their important beneficial effects on health. Nature Zen innovates with an unprecedented way of applying healthy alimentation principles at every level.

6- Nature Zen acknowledges innate intelligence to our body, responsible for our physical and psychical harmony. In every Nature Zen's product, this intelligence is thoroughly studied and highlighted, as it is diffused as well through our philosophy about alimentation.

7- The purpose of Nature Zen is to inspire the best levels of health. In order to reach this goal, a team of experienced researchers, doctors and nutrition experts make sure that each Nature Zen's product is thoroughly studied, from the quality of products, to where the ingredients come from, to the method of producing, and to the effects of each of these products on our body and well-being. For our alimentation plays a major part in our moods, brain's health, and on our ability to stay focused.

8- Nature Zen wishes to make accessible this information about the most advanced searches on healthy and organic nutrition, so that everyone could discover the many physical and multidimensional benefits from this simply Pure and Natural food.

9- Nature Zen only uses vegetables grown without pesticides or chemical products, and thus contributes to the Earth regeneration by reducing the environment pollution and damages caused by traditional way of cultivation.

At Nature Zen, we think Nature is gifted with extraordinary wisdom. And to make the best of Nature's benefits, it only needs to take aliments as they are, altering and transforming them as least as possible, and combine them in the most efficient way.

Nature Zen is one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop a whole range of products, delicious and adapted to modern lifestyle, which also respects hypotoxic alimentation principles.

Nature Zen has a social awareness from production to marketing. As an honest and holistic company, we wish to apply these qualitites through our choices of packaging, transports, and diffusion media. Supporting fair trade is at the basis of our philosophy... at both small and large scales.

Our ultimate mission, always intend to improve, in our work with our colleagues and friends, and we are happy and proud to dedicate the whole of profits into projects of humanitarian aid.

This is what Nature Zen's Mission is... consuming our products is to choose organic aliments of high quality, unique in the world, and it is helping the entire planet and the new generations !


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