Ready to start?

Opening a franchise should be as easy as ordering a good coffee.

Franchise Design

The key success of opening a new franchise is based on many factors such as global trends, high-end location, product demand and offer, the timing of opening, etc. Did you know that organic products and proteins are among the top global trend right now?

Nature Zen offers you a close follow-up during all the opening process and propose you 4 different designs to meet these criteria in the best way possible. These modules can be easily adapted to your project and to the envisaged location.

From the concept to the making of your dream franchise, we remain available and supportive to materialize the best success.

Organic Coffee Corner

A premium self-service module that can be implemented almost anywhere: offices building, cinema, hospitals, universities, stores, petrol-stations, etc.

As a self-service option or paid through your own store, the corner is an easy and quick way to start franchise business while remaing in high-quality standards. 

You can have a backstore kitchen to cook organic muffins, cookies and prepare smoothies; plus storage.

Organic coffee Booth

A high-end configuration allowing optimal sales and visibility in crowded areas of shopping malls, airports, train stations and high-end supermarkets.

Requiers fewer employees on site, allow to sell almost all products of the franchise but needs a daily refill from central kitchen.

Organic Coffee & Restaurant

Integrate an organic restaurant in high-end streets location with/without exterior terrasse, stores, airports and train stations, malls, etc.

Allow an optimal autonomy if connected with a kitchen. You can cook and prepare meals at any time if needed while providing on-demand products to customers.

Organic Coffee restaurant & lounge

A refined experience for selected locations. The coffee lounge is the ultimate organic experience in a high-end environment.

Comfort and peacefulness in an active world. 

You can even add to this concept a premium spa and/or a gym or included in a high-class hotel and resort, etc.