Classy Muffins

Prepare delicious organic, vegan, gluten-free and plant-based protein muffins, easily and quickly.

Savoury Cakes

Simply add water and your favorite vegetable oil, bake and they are ready to be served. Surprise your guests!

Nature zen organic baking mix savoury cake tomato plate

Just add water & oil and enjoy!

Fantastic Cookies

Let yourself savour a delicious world where natural and organic are combined with the high-nutrition value of quality organic plant-based proteins.

Delicious Pancakes

Pancake Mix – Creativi-T


Nature Zen Pancake Mix, Gluten-free Oat & Quinoa allows you to easily prepare some very soft gluten-free pancakes that will brighten up your mornings like never before.

Simply add water, cook and they are ready to be served!

1 Mix = 12 Pancakes

Nature zen organic baking mix pancake