Origin vs Essentials: How to choose your pure protein?

origin vs essentials how to choose your pure protein

Why take Origin vs Essentials, our pure plant-based protein When we are evaluating our protein needs to suit our lifestyle and dietary considerations, we can find a wide variety of choices with an additional wide variety of ingredients. So how do we choose? What is the right formula for us? Nature Zen simplifies the process […]

Soy-free protein powder: Why choose a healthy vegan alternative ?

soy -free protein powder why choose a healthy alternative vegan protein

Why did we choose to offer soy-free protein products? With this increased use of soy in a wide variety of products, we may be getting more soy in our diets beyond our protein drinks. Overuse of soybeans can create allergies and dietary challenges for many. Nature Zen understands this and the need for healthy soy-free […]

Plant-based protein: 10 things you really need to know

plant based protein 10 things you really need to know

Before talking about plant-based protein, we thought it would be good to talk about protein first. People often ask us about protein and with good reason. We often hear about the importance of protein, but most people don’t know exactly what protein does for the body. So today we will cover 10 essential questions. Let’s dive […]

The Best Vegan Protein during pregnancy and after

best vegan protein during pregnancy nature zen scaled 1

Protein during pregnancy: What you need to know… Protein during pregnancy has such an important role to play in keeping up with our body’s demands… When we have a child, our life changes significantly: The active woman we already were reaches a new level of multitasking: a family to manage, children to raise and nurture […]

Create your own protein flavors!

create your own protein flavor nature zen

The best tasting protein is the one you create! What protein flavor should I take? What’s the best tasting protein powder? We cannot count the number of times we’ve heard this question? The answer is … Yours! Why? Because it takes all sorts to make a world! As we all know, there is no accounting for […]

Perfect vegan protein breakfast: What to eat in 3 keys

vegan protein breakfast what to eat vegan protein bowl natue zen

Protein Breakfast, the most important meal in your day We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? It stimulates our metabolism, helps us burn calories, provides energy and concentration just to name a few benefits.  But our lives are so fast paced these days, it can be challenging to ensure […]

Dairy free: Why choose plant-based protein powder?

dairy free why choose plant based protein powder organic plant based milk nature zen

Dairy-free plant-based protein: a healthy alternative! Dairy products are a recognized source of many minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. However, more and more people are looking at alternatives these days… But why ? Nature Zen has chosen not to include dairy in its products for several reasons, well in line with its mission to […]

3 good reasons to adopt a Protein Routine

protein smoothie peach nature zen protein routine scaled 1

We hear more and more about protein and its essential nature for the body and health, but what exactly is it for? Why should we pay attention to our protein intake or supplement our diet with protein powders or bars for example? In this article, we present 3 good reasons to adopt a daily protein […]

Organic Rice Protein: 3 extraordinary virtues

Plant based Rice Protein 3 extraordinary virtues Nature Zen scaled 1

Today there are many different sources of protein: animal, vegetable, with different additions such as artificial ingredients or stimulants not always good for our health… And sometimes it is difficult to navigate the choices. At Nature Zen, we offer you a simple and efficient protein, developed naturally to ensure your body receives a sufficient supply […]