Pure Organic

Sourced from the best organic and nutritive ingredients


Our brown rice protein is naturally extracted through a bio-fermented process to obtain an exceptional quality

90% concentration

The foundation of these formulas: a unique 90% concentrated pure organic rice protein

Made of organic sprouted raw brown rice protein, organic yellow pea protein and organic flax seeds, they provide a perfect balance of amino acids.

A well studied blend of organic plant-based protein, flaxseed, vegetables, seeds which provide a complete amino acid profile and essential vitamins & minerals. Available in 12 delicious flavors.

This organic pea protein is suitable for our daily cooking; its long chains of amino acids do not lose any of their goodness on heating. Versatile and complete, it is easily added to raw and cooked, sweet and savory dishes and preparations. It can partly replace flour in breads and desserts. A genuine culinary revolution!