Thanks to the complete vegetal proteins of Nature Zen, I successfully stabilize my weight

Charles, Pharmacist, France

Nature Zen's Protein helps me rebalance my diet and help me recover the pysical condition I had before choosing to become a vegetarian. Having a constitution which easily loose weight, I lost all my muscle mass rapidly after my choice. I went through a lot of troubles trying to find different sources of proteins to give all the essential amino acids to my body and my muscles. Thanks to the complete vegan protein of Nature Zen, I successfully stabilize my weight, and even gain a little! Yeah! Having Nature Zen's Protein for breakfast help me to not feel hungry during all morning. I don't have anymore cravings that I used to have around 10:00-11:00 a.m. Not only do they taste good (directly in the shaker with only water), but I do feel really healthy and I don't have to worry about my daily protein intake! It has even help to calm dowm some members of my family who thought I might have deficiencies in my protein intake. Really, they are the best biological protein in term of quality and taste!

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