Box of 12 bars

New formula! Now with 17 g of 100% plant-based complete protein, and without tree nuts or peanuts. With the antioxidant richness of real organic dark and pure vanilla, enjoy this true delight for the body and soul!

What makes our protein bars so unique ?

At Nature Zen, we dreamed of developing wholesome, sustaining protein bars, that are 100% organic, plant-based, and free from any artificial sweetner or flavoring, which also respect the ideal ratios of protein, fats, fibers and sugars to enable easy digestion... and now free from major allergens. Quite a challenge!

After several years of research, we’ve succeeded in uniting the best ingredients offered by Nature to create these unique, delicious protein bars…

They’ve turned out so tasty that we simply had to share them with you… Try them! For your well-being, naturally…!

Ingredients: Soluble vegetable fibre (from tapioca)*・Pea protein*・Sugars (Coconut nectar*, Rice syrup*, Concentrated grape juice*)・Brown rice protein*・Dark Chocolate* (cane sugar*, unsweetened chocolate*, cocoa butter*, vanilla*)・Sunflower seeds*・Crunchy protein pearls* (pea protein*, rice flour*)・Coconut oil*・Cocoa*・Unsweetened chocolate*・Water・Sunflower oil*・Lucuma*・Pectin・Vanilla paste*・Cocoa extract*・ Sea Salt. *Organic. Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada (CA-ORG-006)
Nutrition Facts
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