Naturezen pea proteins 720g

Nature Zen organic pea protein – ideal for Smoothies & Cooking; this formula is Unique in the world!

An exceptional ally in cooking…

A unique formula of vegetable protein extracted from raw, organic peas grown in Canada, this organic pea protein is suitable for our daily cooking; its long chains of amino acids do not lose any of their goodness on heating. Versatile and complete, virtually 100% assimilated, it is easily added to raw and cooked, sweet and savory dishes and preparations. It can partly replace flour in breads, desserts, etc. A genuine culinary revolution!

Visit our recipe section for more delicious, original ideas on how to use Nature Zen organic pea protein!

What are the other qualities of Nature Zen organic pea protein?

Nature Zen organic pea protein is ideal in hot and cold dishes (smoothies, ice-cream, etc.)

* Nature Zen organic pea protein was under study for several years before finally revealing the exceptional texture and taste it has today, acknowledged by top chefs and health specialists. Very similar to the soft texture of flour, it allows us to create delicious, wholesome meals. Nature Zen pea protein is exceptionally soluble; it dissolves easily in liquid, while maintaining its smoothness, which has led its increasing popularity in restaurants, school canteens, hospitals and crèches.

The unique, natural process of water extraction

* For its raw, organic Canadian pea protein, Nature Zen uses a 100% natural extraction process, with pure water as its only solvent! FREE from chemical products, harmful solvents, or heat! A concentrate of Nature’s purity just for you!

A complete protein

* With a concentration of over 80% of pure, living vegetarian protein, Nature Zen offers this new complete vegetarian protein to accompany your daily health and to sustain optimal energy and wonderful well-being. It is a perfect complement for Nature Zen organic rice protein!

For more details on this Quality+ protein complement and its virtues, we invite you to consult our FAQ section.

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