Naturezen rice proteins natural 720g

Nature Zen organic rice protein, Velvet Natural

Sublime taste, smooth texture!

The purest, most concentrated protein on the market today, Nature Zen organic rice protein is not only sublimely delicious, but it’s also wonderfully smooth, thanks to the addition of organic, pre-biotic vegetable fibers rich in glyco-nutrients, which increase the quality of intercellular communication and general assimilation (virtually 100%).

Their great versatility helps turn a smoothie into a complete, substantial meal, and they can be added to all sorts of sweet and savory recipes: vegetable pies, soups, pizza base, tapenade, hummus, brownies, muffins, puddings, etc.

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What are the other qualities of Nature Zen organic rice protein?

A unique, natural bio-fermentation process!

* Nature Zen is an innovator in the manufacture of its living, organic rice protein powder, with its use of a unique, natural process of germination and bio-fermentation. This process allows the envelope and the germinated brown rice grain to be combined. The result is fantastic: a massive increase in lysine and other essential and non-essential amino acids, thereby forming a complete amino acid profile that is perfectly balanced for our body.

Complete Protein!

* With a concentration of over 90% of pure, living vegetarian protein, Nature Zen has created the first vegan food complement (suitable for all diets) offering complete, totally hypo-allergenic protein. It is outstandingly smooth and creamy, tastes delicious, and can easily be mixed with water (which is very rare for rice protein), vegetable milks or other health drinks. Comparatively speaking, Nature Zen organic rice protein is digested and assimilated even more easily than breast milk, which makes it the best digestible and most assimilated source of protein in the world today.

For more details on this Quality+ protein complement and its virtues, we invite you to consult our FAQ section.

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