Nature Zen... a story of altruism and health engineering at every plan 

Thousands of hours of work, reflection, and research with conscience, were necessary to create these delicious Nature Zen products.  The team has been working and contemplating the first steps of this great food project for more than 18 years.  Today they are providing healthy food to people all over the planet.

The first ideas were conceived in therapy clinics where the Associate Founders realized that the large majority of symptoms they treated, including lack of energy, chronic fatigue, various digestive problems, bloating, gas, eructation, non-restorative sleep, chronic pain, and chronic inflammation, were all linked to a common core: diet and lifestyle.

Since that time, they have been committed to gathering simple advice to aid in the restoration of the innate health potential that exists in each human being, via accessible and logical methodology, including basic food tools.

Their own lives and bodies served as their laboratories, allowing them to gradually integrate the basis of their research into professional practice.  At the core is the importance of protein in quantity, quality, and ample variety, as well as principle food association, the best time for consumption, and the importance of moderate physical activity.

Even before Nature Zen products were created, the idea of including vegetable protein supplements as prescriptions had arisen in their clinics.  It was then that Nature Zen was quickly embraced by those who began to experience unexpected recovery and renewed, flourishing health.   Word of mouth went well beyond the team's expectations. However, in spite of all this, the founders were not fully satisfied with the quality of the protein products available to them, even though they were utilizing the best in the world at that time. 

Therefore, they set out to study the full range of products available in Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.  Nothing was found that met their own dual standards in terms of nutritive protein and purity. Out of this need was born the idea of creating Nature Zen.  An international team including doctors, pharmacists, biologists, and organic diet researchers was established. This synergy of knowledge led to the creation of the highest standard organic protein products - Nature Zen - to everyone's delight

Initially, Nature Zen products were handmade and intended only for the clinics' clientele. The high cost of raw materials and real ingredients made mass marketing seem unrealistic and was not considered. Destiny intervened, however, and that quickly changed due to increasing demand. Within a few years' time, Nature Zen obtained financial support from Laurentides CLD in collaboration with the Government of Quebec and Canada. This allowed for the establishment of its first manufacturing facility. Remarkably, still today, volunteers are plentiful and they continue to assist with conception of new products. Distribution has broadened to include Canada, Switzerland, United States, France and many other European countries, most recently Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. Soon to be included are Brazil and India.


This exact humanist intention that existed from the beginning is still today what inspires and motivates the entire team, which is now comprised of dozens of varied professionals, including businessmen and women, creative innovators, stay-at-home moms, and more. Together this group works to highlight and distribute our products world-wide.

Nature Zen... a story of values and of health conscience… at every turn...


1- To maintain a health-centered focus in every facet.

2- To create a variety of entirely vegetable nutriments of the highest quality, free of preservatives, allergens, and hypotoxic, all in the best ratios for ideal digestion.

3- To make these products widely available as the best organic and raw vegetable nutriments sold.

4- To offer new choices of healthy nutriments, suitable for everyone who wishes to reach new levels of health and energy.

5- To create Nature Zen products from minimally transformed ingredients that are produced with respect to Nature, using products rich in phytochemical elements (glyconutrients, antioxidants and probiotics), with a high content of vegetable proteins (90% concentrated) providing up to 98.2% of their health benefits. Nature Zen innovates in an unprecedented manner, applying healthy nutriment principles at every level.

6- To acknowledge the innate intelligence of the human body, which is responsible for our physical and psychical harmony. This intelligence is thoroughly studied and highlighted in every Nature Zen product, as well as disseminated in our healthy nourishment philosophy.

7- To inspire the best level of health, utilizing our team of researchers, doctors, and nutrition experts to ensure that each of Nature Zen's products is thoroughly studied and that each element of production, including product quality, ingredient origin, and production methods are considered. All this to ensure the best effect of each product on the body and well-being, with consideration of its effect on mood, brain health, and ability to maintain focus.

8- To make this information regarding advanced healthy, organic nutrition from this simply pure and natural food widely available, thus enabling everyone to enjoy its many physical and multidimensional benefits.

9- To use only vegetables grown without pesticides or chemicals, thus contributing to Earth's regeneration by helping to reduce environmental pollution and damage caused by traditional cultivation methods.

At Nature Zen, we believe that Nature is gifted with extraordinary wisdom, and in order to enjoy all it has to offer, one needs only to accept its bounty, alter it as minimally as is possible, and combine it in the most efficient way.

Nature Zen is one of the first manufacturers in the world to develop a whole range of delicious products, adapted to our modern lifestyle, and with respect to non-hepatotoxic nutrition principles.

Nature Zen embraces an earth-friendly approach from production to marketing. As an honest and holistic company, we strive to apply these qualities through our choice of packaging, transport, and media diffusion. Supporting Fair Trade is at the basis of our philosophy - both on a small and grand scale.

Our ultimate mission includes a constant focus on improvement, in partnership with our colleagues and friends. We are pleased and proud to dedicate all profits to projects of humanitarian aid.

This is what Nature Zen's mission is... to provide the best body-centered natural nutrients to the world, in order to have the  greatest positive impact on its population, while ensuring that there is the least negative impact on the earth, to help ensure the health of the planet itself for future generations.


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