The Virtues of Vanilla…

You, with your delicate fragrance, what effect wil you have on me ?

by Katrie Lefebvre

Vanille Nature zen

To elaborate its vanilla flavor, Nature-Zen naturally turned to Vanilla tahitensis, vanilla from Tahiti. This variety of Vanilla represents only 1% of world production. It is a rare product of exceptional quality, appreciated by top chefs throughout the world!

The richness of this vanilla aroma is due to the fact that it is the only variety of vanilla pod not to split before ripening, which allows the vegetable alchemy to finish making its numerous aromas. Hence, its precious pods are picked when fully ripened, whereas to prevent other varieties from splitting and losing their aroma, the pods are removed from their plants before this stage. Tahitian vanilla has the advantage of two extra months to ripen and develop all of its aromatic richness, which has a sweet, fruity, floral flavor all in one.

Unique Vanilla

What makes this vanilla so unique is the presence of a bouquet of fragrance of anisaldehyde, antique alcohol, and phenolic acid (vanillic)… all of which are 100% natural and specific to Tahitian vanilla. These molcules are what give it its distinctive flavor, sought after by top restaurants all over the planet!


Just like raw, organic cocoa, Tahitian vanilla has many virtues for our physical and psychological health.

Helps overcome fatigue and insomnia

Tahitian vanilla is known to be a natural stimulant of the central nervous system as well as a general stimulant. It allows us to reduce intellectual and physical hyperactivity. It is also recommended as a remedy for insomnia.

Vanille nature zen

vanille nature zen


As well as its soothing, relaxing fragrance regularly used on phyto-therapy, Tahitian vanilla is a natural antispasmodic… a good way to improve stress management.

Whets our appetite and facilitates digestion

Tahitian vanilla has well-known aperitif and digestive properties: not only does it whet our appetite but it also facilitates digestion!


Just like certain components raw, organic cocoa, so too does Tahitian vanilla contain certain psycho-active ingredients that improve the secretion of neuro-transmitters that are responsible for our positive moods!


Vanilla extract, in general, is said to be a powerful antiseptic, which si no doubt why it relieves toxic animal bites.

Regenerating effect

Used in cosmetics, all varieties of vanilla are believed to be re-structuring, regenerating, purifying, hydrating, nourishing and softening.

Vanille nature zen

Used in a source of highly assimilated vegetable proteins such as those proposed by Nature-Zen, Tahitian vanilla is a wonderful adjuvant for the good balance of our body, mind and spirit.

Try it, you’ll love it!

Tahitian vanilla has the advantage of two extra months to ripen and develop all of its aromatic richness, which has a sweet, fruity, floral flavor all in one.