Why have we chosen Raw Organic Cocoa?

To elaborate its chocolate flavor, Nature-Zen has chosen raw organic cocoa with extraordinary virtues…

There are a great variety of chocolate on the market, and most of the time these products contain a lot of refined sugar, saturated fats (bad fat), sweeteners, and all sorts of chemical additives that certain companies use to increase the flavor of chocolate. As we have eaten such products since early childhood, and since we are well-informed about the way these products have been produced, our taste buds and our brain have become used to their taste, and so today, we unconsciously tend to associate chocolate flavor with ‘I’m not sure this is good for my health.’ Consequently chocolate has become a doubtful, suspicious ‘goodie’ not to be indulged in too frequently.

Le cacao cru de Nature Zen

Magic !

What is wonderful with Nature-Zen Chocolate Protein is that is is truly good for us, both in the taste of its ingredients and in its physico-chemical properties.

The raw, organic cocoa that gives Nature Zen Protein its chocolate flavor is used just as it is, in its non-transformed, natural state. It is a concentrate of vitality and flavors that provide the body, mind and spirit with a healthy source of energy.

Tell me more...

It is interesting to note that its botanic name, Theobromine Cocoa, literally means Food for the Gods! The Aztecs and Incas considered the cocoa tree as a tree that came from heaven.

The term raw cocoa means that it hasn’t been roasted. Not being roasted at high temperature allows the cocoa bean to preserve all of the benefits of cocoa, including the enzymes that are frequently completely destroyed when exposed to too high temperatures. In the absence of this transformation process, the cocoa preserves all of its nutritional riches, its pure taste, fragrance, and great therapeutic virtues.

Its true power...

With its unique nutritional properties, raw cocoa is a powerful food… Its main benefits are its very great anti-oxydant capacity (one of the most powerful on Earth), as well as its well-known cardio-protector effect. Raw, organic cocoa is indeed very good for the heart: it helps reduce blood pressure, lowers the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol, reduces the risk of clotting, as well as improving the elasticity of our blood vessels.

What’s more, raw cocoa has a positive effect on the health of our heart thanks to its high magnesium content. Magnesium is known as the heart mineral because it regulates our heart beat, is beneficial for our arteries, and acts as a natural anti-stress!

Le cacao cru de Nature Zen

I love cocoa!

Raw cocoa also contains numerous psychoactive principles, which have a positive, even euphoric effect on our mood. Research has proved that it tells the brain to secrete the same hormone as when we experience a feeling of love. A mood that gives us wings is another important aspect for a healthy heart!

Le cacao cru de Nature Zen

With over 300 nutritional elements, raw cocoa is truly a rich food… Its main nutrients are phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, selenium, vitamin B2, B3, and Vitamin E.

With its sweet, sugar free, fat free chocolate flavor, Nature Zen protein provides us with a concentrate of vitality and purity right there close at hand! Reach out and help yourself to tasty, healthy food that warms your body and your heart!