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Organic Pea Protein: 4 exceptional virtues

Organic pea protein: all the benefits… Even cooked!

Organic Pea protein is a plant-based protein powder appreciated for its smoothness and its adaptability since it can be used not only in smoothies but also in baking to make cookies, muffins, cakes, or to thicken soups and dressings for example (see our Baking Formula). Worried about the taste?

Stay zen with our organic pea protein that is very balanced thanks to the plant extracts we add to it, making it very soft and much more neutral in taste than most pea protein on the market.

Also, it will not lose any of its powerful virtues after a passage in the oven. A truly magical plant-based protein… We present to you its 4 great virtues below.

1. Your muscle mass’ best friend

Nature Zen pea protein has a beneficial effect on muscle mass… Maybe even more than animal protein! Studies have shown that the muscle mass of a sportsman who takes pea protein in combination with strength training shows a greater increase in mass (hypertrophy) than that of sportsmen taking whey protein¹.

Whether it’s for weight management, for our athletic muscles or simply to be efficient throughout our busy day, Nature Zen pea protein is our faithful ally.

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2. An effective feeling of satiety

We have all experienced these kinds of mornings: eating what we thought was a healthy breakfast, only to start gurgling after one or two hours…

With Nature Zen plant based protein, we can finally have a peaceful body (and mind ) and concentrate on our activities with a dynamic and solid energy: Nature Zen plant-based protein powder offers a great feeling of satiety, greater than whey protein and egg protein ²³⁴⁵⁶. No more nibbling between meals!

3. Burn more calories (even while watching your favorite show on Netflix!)

Pea Protein like the one in Nature Zen organic plant-based was shown in clinical study not only to increase satiety (so lower global food intake) but also to increase our basal metabolism thanks to thermogenesis⁷.

To put it simply: that means your body can, in contact with pea protein, turn into a very efficient furnace and burn more calories, not only during that intense workout you did last morning, but even at rest… or while chilling in front of your favorite tv show.
Thank you, pea protein!

4. A happy transit!

Studies have proved the beneficial effects of pea protein powder on gut flora by being probiotics. Indeed, Lactobacilli species were able to utilize pea protein, demonstrating their positive effect as a prebiotic. That means you can enjoy Nature Zen organic pea protein while maintaining a healthy, balanced gut flora⁸.

Whether you use it to thicken delicious sauces or to bake for example, Nature Zen pea protein will delight your taste buds and those of your family, always nourishing the cells in depth… To your health!

Pea protein powder organic 4 exceptional virtues nature zen  scaled
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