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An organic plant-based protein smoothie in 3 steps

Plant-based protein smoothie can be an easy, delicious and ideal breakfast, especially when it’s packed with organic plant-based protein, antioxidant-rich fruits, mineral-rich vegetables and healthy fats, making this staple, convenient drink a solid breakfast option for an energizing morning. Moreover, the preparation is quick & simple and you can take it everywhere… 

3, 2, 1… Get your blender ready!

First step: Choose your organic fruits

All combinations are possible: from the classic strawberry-banana to more exotic flavors like mango or pineapple or comforting ones like cocoa and berries, there is something for everyone. We recommend that you freeze your fresh fruits or buy frozen fruits for the most enjoyable and convenient smoothie experience! We all know how fast mornings are !

various organic fruits

Next step: Choose your Nature Zen organic plant-based protein for your smoothie!

To make sure your smoothie keeps you sustained for many hours, adding to it a good quality protein source is essential. Not only is our body not able to produce it by itself, protein is also important to maintain healthy muscle mass, grow healthy bones, hair, skin… It is also an ally of choice in reaching or maintaining healthy weight and keeping energy levels up, without going into phases of compulsive snacking or low energy…

In a hurry? Try Nature Zen Essentials line that comes in a variety of flavors and will transform any average smoothie into a master piece. Not only does it contain complete plant-based proteins, but also essentials vitamins and minerals including B12 and Vitamin D!

Looking for the highest protein concentration? Say hello to our Origin line that will sky rocket your protein intake, thanks to its high purity, like the 21 g protein per portion of the Natural Velvet flavor for example!

By adding Nature Zen organic plant-based protein to your smoothie, you ensure that you receive enough fuel to go through all your activities easily and in a delicious way.

Final step to your plant-based protein smoothie: Add liquids, blend and it's ready!

You’re almost there ! 

Add the liquid of your liking: plant-based drink, water or why not cold brew coffee or green tea? At this step, you can also add your favourite optional magic ingredients: a source of healthy fats like plant-based omega-3 from flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, green vegetables (like kale, spinach or even broccoli!) for added minerals and fiber intake, some oats for increased healthy carbs & fibers, or other superfoods your heart desires. 

Blend it all together and let the magic happen: Whether it’s at breakfast, for morning snack or as an indulgent dessert, you’ll always be able to recharge your batteries in a healthy way, nourishing your cells in depth with a plant-based protein smoothie. 

Kids will love it too, a great way to get them to eat fruits and even vegetables like spinach! Enjoy.

An organic plant based protein smoothie in 3 steps nature zen vegan protein

Add a plant-based protein smoothie to your daily routine! Here are 3 reasons why you should do it!

You must have heard more than one time that protein is essential for your body and health. But what exactly is protein doing for your health? And why should you pay attention to our protein intake or supplement our diet with protein powders or protein bars for example?

Did you know that the easiest way to change a bad habit is to simply implement a good one?

A simple good habit will naturally help you to make healthy choices easier. 
The best moment to implement a good habit (you guessed it) is in the morning.
Because, it will influence the rest of your day!

In this next article, we present 3 good reasons to adopt a daily protein routine, and it’s much easier than you think… Let’s get your new healthy routine started! 

Want to learn more about organic rice protein?

At Nature Zen, we offer you a simple and efficient protein, developed naturally to ensure your body receives a sufficient supply of quality proteins while respecting your health.

Here are 3 main points to present to you this rice protein with 1000 virtues! Enjoy your discovery.

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