Nature Zen Origin


Quality all the way!

Tastes delicious, and can easily be mixed with water (which is very rare for rice protein), vegetable milks or other health drinks. 

Nature Zen brown rice protein is naturally extracted through a low temperature bio-fermented process to obtain an exceptional quality.

Sourced from the best organic and nutritive ingredients to promote health and global earth consciousness.

The source of these formulas: a unique concentration of over 90% of pure, living vegetarian rice protein.

The first vegan food complement (suitable for all diets) offering complete, naturally hypo-allergenic protein. 

Outstandingly smooth and creamy

Re-discover the wonderful flavor and all the benefits of authentic, unroasted, raw cacao in Nature Zen organic protein, Pure Cacao. 

The addition of this important quality+ substance provides our body with an outstanding antioxidant capacity as well as being an incomparable nutritional source of magnesium, hence its gentle, mood-enhancing effect on adults and children alike. 

A prefect marriage of delicious flavor and good health!

Flavored with freeze-dried authentic & real vanilla beans! Purity guaranteed!

Enjoy the absolutely unique, sweet, fruity flavor of the authentic raw Tahitian vanilla bean, sought by top chefs worldwide. 

Re-discover its soothing, re-harmonizing benefits for our nervous system! 

A delight for our taste-buds and good for us too! 

Exceptional concentration! Discover its sublime taste and smooth texture thanks to the addition of natural, organic vegetable fibers!

With its 90% concentrated protein, Nature Zen organic protein is presently the most concentrated protein made from sprouted whole-grains on the market.

A unique protein, 100% well-being, FREE from all chemical additives or any substances that could be harmful for our health.

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