Our Story

Nature Zen started with an idea of an organic restaurant in 1998 with health therapists. At the time, there were not many vegetable protein products and they wanted to conceive some in order to offer a healthy alternative to what was available on the market. Recipes and restaurant plans had been developed to achieve this objective. The goal was to create healthy and modern products that would meet today’s active lifestyle.

The vegetable protein project came back later, in 2010. These therapists who shared this initial dream joined forces with their friends who were specialists in organic food and pharmacists to continue this great idea: to create the best organic vegetable protein in the world, composed solely of pure ingredients! 

From the seed... to the tree

At first, the organic protein was produced in a small area and sold only through the networks of health therapists and their clinics. Soon, the demand was magical! We first started distributing in organic stores, then gradually in pharmacies and supermarkets. At present, the Nature Zen organic protein is distributed in several countries around the world. With our certified organic plant at the forefront of technology, we are also a manufacturer of the largest private organic brands in Canada, the United States, Europe, Switzerland, Asia, the Middle East and many other regions of the world.

Now, Nature Zen franchises are taking off. In our coffee shops, everything is organic, compostable and all our original recipes for muffins, cookies, energy domes, salads, soups and paninis offered in our franchises are protein-rich! 

We are preparing to open several franchises in the coming weeks and months. We already have many requests in several countries. We are very busy at Nature Zen and very happy to be!

What we have built over the years following our values of nutritional quality, ethics, environmental respect and philanthropy is unique and, every day, we are all very proud to work at Nature Zen.

Our mission is simple: to create high quality organic products based on vegetable proteins that are unique in the world. 

Through this commitment, our goal is to contribute positively to the health of the planet and to offer a large part of our profits to the financing and support of foundations, humanitarian works and school projects, all over the world.

This is our history… and that of our success. At Nature Zen, we don’t do things halfway. They are done in conscience and for the good of humans and the planet.