Our Story

Change your habits, change the world

Did you know that the most important Mission of Nature Zen is to change the world?

How can we do that?

By offering our customers healthy, high-protein, energizing, simple and fast organic food adapted to modern life… but more than that… it is also to help organic farmers all over the world to cultivate their land in an environmentally friendly way and fair-trade way…. This is the future.

We all know this, but very often words do not follow actions for many companies. For us at Nature Zen, this was the beginning of the beginning: putting our vegan and organic values and our desire to change the world first. By putting business partnerships and certified organic producers in place and in connections, yes, we can say that we are helping to change the world and also improve the conditions of the organic farmers who work the land of their ancestors with all their hearts.

You can imagine how wonderful it is to know that all the ingredients and products we offer at Nature Zen are only organic… wow… and all our suppliers, distributors, food partners, are all united and dedicated to helping the planet. We are in business, of course to be prosperous, but also mainly to change the planet and its consumption habits that harm animal life and the environment.

Our story

The Beginning

How the Nature Zen success started

Nature Zen was born in 1998 with the idea of creating an organic restaurant with the help of health therapists. 

At the time, just a few plant-based protein products were available on the market and that gave us the idea to develop new healthy and organic plant-based protein products and offer the healthiest possible alternative on the market. Together with nutritionists, we developed new recipes. The goal was to create healthy, modern products that would meet the demands of today’s active lifestyle.

In 2010, the idea became reality when our health therapists teamed up with organic food specialists and pharmacists to pursue this ambitious, life-changing idea: creating the best organic plant protein in the world, made from only pure ingredients! 

In the early days of this adventure, the organic protein was produced in a small facility and sold only through the networks of health therapists and their clinics. Quite quickly, word-of-mouth spread about our proteins and demand increased at a close to magical pace! We first started to distribute in organic stores, then gradually in pharmacies and in supermarkets in Quebec.

Now Nature Zen organic protein is distributed in many countries around the world. With our state-of-the-art certified organic plant, we are also the manufacturer of the main organic private labels in Canada, United States, Europe, Switzerland, Asia and the Middle East, as well as in many other areas of the world.

The ascension

When dreams come true


The best is yet to come.

We have just recently started Nature Zen coffee shop franchises. Everything we sell in our coffee shops is organic and bio-degradable. All our original recipes for muffins, cookies, domes, salads, soups and paninis offered in our franchises are also rich in plant-based protein!

We are opening new franchises at an accelerated pace and we receive many requests from several countries… We are busy at Nature Zen and quite happy about it!

We have built a unique set of values around nutritional quality, ethics, environmental respect and philanthropy over the years and every day we feel privileged and proud to help make Nature Zen’s vision a reality. 

Through this commitment, our goal is to offer a positive contribution to the health of humankind and of our planet. We do so with our products and by donating a large portion of our profits to fund and support foundations, charities and school projects around the world.

This is our story… and the story of our success. At Nature Zen, we do things with our conscience, for the good of humanity and for our planet.