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Soy-free protein powder: Why choose a healthy vegan alternative ?

Why did we choose to offer soy-free protein products?

With this increased use of soy in a wide variety of products, we may be getting more soy in our diets beyond our protein drinks.
Overuse of soybeans can create allergies and dietary challenges for many.

Nature Zen understands this and the need for healthy soy-free options, this is why our focus is on creating a soy-free plant-based protein that is allergen free and delivers a balanced source of nutrients that your body can assimilate and metabolize with ease. Read on for more info!

1.Soy-free helps prevent allergies

Why reduce soy consumption?

What is soy? This often-used ingredient in many foods, comes from the soybean, a legume widely consumed in Southeast Asia. Known to be a source of calcium, fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, and polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6,¹ it has appeared increasingly in more and more food products as it is also an inexpensive and abundant source of protein.

Soy is a plant-based food often used by people who wish to avoid or reduce their consumption of animal products. Many turn to this option because soy is found everywhere, in many forms and can easily and conveniently reproduce the texture, appearance and taste of a multitude of animal products, in addition to being an excellent source of plant protein.

soy-free protein powder why choose a healthy vegan alternative soy free

The food industry also uses it to cut costs in fast food patties and industrial pizza cheese, as well as in many food additives and other processed products. Because of its high presence in processed products among other factors, soy has become a priority allergen in Canada² and in most other countries of the world. The words “may contain soy” appear on many products for this reason.

Most common in infants, many children do outgrow a soy allergy before the age of 10. Nature Zen is dairy, gluten and soy free and gentle enough even for babies. Parents can feel good about providing a safe and nourishing soy-free alternative that the children will love as well.

2. Healthier options for muscle mass

The advantage of choosing a soy-free vegetable protein

When looking for a plant-based protein to support an active lifestyle, there are options beyond soy. As a plant-based option, soy offers approximately the same benefits in muscle gain as whey and casein³ but if you have to avoid dairy and soy, you want to have soy-free healthy options that deliver results. Whether you are an athlete seeking to build and maintain muscle, or you just want to be assured you are receiving balanced nutrition for a healthy body, it’s important to know that the plant-based protein you choose is created to support that goal.

soy free protein powder why choose a healthy vegan alternative soy free muscle mass sports running couple

That’s where Nature Zen comes in with its delicious soy-free organic rice and pea protein products. Due to its elevated levels of the branch amino acids necessary for building muscle, pea protein has been shown in studies to be even more potent than soy4. Participants in studies were found to develop increased muscle thickness in continued or beginning weight training while consuming pea protein. This is also beneficial to other populations such as the elderly who experience muscle loss with aging and thanks to its digestibility, make it an appealing choice when you want to feel nourished without feeling heavy.

3. Balanced hormones with soy-free plant-based protein

A varied and balanced diet: the key to a balanced life

You may have already heard about the hormonal imbalances that can occur depending on what you eat. We often think of animal products in this type of situation, but in reality it can also happen with vegetable products when consumed in excessive quantities:

Some clinical studies have shown that high soy consumption can have disruptive effects on the hormonal system due to its phytoestrogen content5 naturally produced by plants, which have the ability to induce estrogenic or anti-estrogenic effects. Consuming too many soybeans can also affect the efficacy of thyroid hormone medications6. Of course, it’s all about measurement, and using soy-free protein is helpful as often, we don’t even realize that it is a common ingredient in processed products.

soy free protein powder why choose a healthy vegan alternative soy free muscle mass sports yoga healthy diet

This is the reason why Nature Zen has chosen to offer you studied soy-free alternatives like pea, rice and flax proteins. Keeping a balanced and varied diet is essential to stay balanced and healthy in the long run, and today it is possible to eat soy-free and vegetable proteins easily.

We hope this article has helped you, taking care of your health is so important!

Frequently asked questions about plant-based protein:

  • Is plant-based protein assimilation as efficient as the whey assimilation ?
  • Will I get enough energy from plant-based protein?

Find all your answers here.

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